Palawan is an awesome place to get lost and known for it’s breathtaking landscapes.
Camping directly at the beach, participating in the worldwide famous Underground River Tour,
or relaxing during a Yoga retreat are just some of the incredible things you can do in Palawan.
Check out our Palawan Tour Package and discover the beauty of this unspoiled paradise.

Palawan_Sailing_Expedition_5D_El Nido and Coron

₱28,180 | Palawan
Wild Nature Sailing Expedition (5 Days)


₱2500 | Palawan
El Nido’s Ultimate Party Boat Cruise

from ₱4500 | Palawan
Puerto Princesa, Underground River & Honda Bay Tour (3 Days)


₱7500 | Palawan
Yoga & RAW Food Detox Retreat (3 Days)


from ₱3500 | Palawan
El Nido Camping Adventure 


from ₱2300 | Palawan
Bottom Fishing Experience

₱6500 | Palawan
Beach Glamping Experience for 2


₱3500 | Palawan
Meet the gentle Dugong’s

₱3000 | Palawan
Discover Kitesurfing Course

from ₱22,000 | Palawan
Yoga & RAW Food Detox Retreat (5-7 Days)


from ₱5800 | Palawan
Survivor Sailing Overnight Trip


₱27,650 | Palawan
El Nido SUP Tour (5 Days)

from ₱5100 | Palawan
Puerto Princesa, Underground River & Honda Bay Tour (4 Days)


from ₱1800 | Palawan
Introduction Sailing Experience


from ₱1600 | Palawan
Wreck Diving Adventure

from ₱42,000 | Palawan
The Private Island Experience

₱19,000 | Palawan
Ultimative 3 Day Kitesurfing Course


from ₱2050 | Palawan
Nagtabon Beach Bike Tour


₱2900 | Palawan
Intensive Sailing Course

₱159,000 | Palawan
Luxury Tubbataha Liveaboard Experience

from ₱2300 | Palawan
Calauit Wildlife Safari


from ₱31,350 | Palawan
Explore Coron with a SUP (5 Days)

Palawan Pearl Farm Getaway

₱10,370 | Palawan
Pearl Farm Getaway for 2


₱3200 | Palawan
Survivor Sailing Trip

Go away from the busy life of the metropolis and spend a few days in the nature sanctuary of the world. Palawan is a paradise of nature with its mantel of forests, clear waters, verdant landscapes, primeval caves, and majestic mountains. Regaladoo has plenty of Palawan packages to help you explore this natural wonder. Give someone the gift of a memorable Palawan adventure they will never forget.

On top of the list is the El Nido tour package where you will get to explore this beautiful island filled with white sand beaches and lush greeneries. You can also book a 4-day tour on Puerto Princesa and explore the popular underground river and the picturesque Honda Bay.

There are also plenty of watersports in Palawan. You can learn how to cruise the waves with a kitesurfing discovery course or ride a luxury boat in a Tubbataha Liveaboard Diving Package. The liveaboard Palawan tour package will take you to some of the exclusive diving spots all over the city. Known for having the best waters in the world, Palawan is a great site for diving with its sub-surface coral and rainbow reef walls, along with its rich marine life.

Of course other than extreme adventures, Palawan is a place of rest and retreat. This paradise is a haven for you to reboot your life. Take a wellness detox yoga retreat for 3 days and you will once again discover the meaning of your life. Set in a serene place in Palawan, Bahay Kalipay offers a zen escape and a springboard for you to start a holistic lifestyle. In this healing place, you will enjoy a healthy raw food and wellness retreat that will start your metamorphosis.

These Palawan activities make great gifts for people who want a trip to nature and healing. At Regaladoo, you can give someone the memorable gift of adventure through these experiences.