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Ultralight Instructional Flight in Davao

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Have you always wanted to climb the highest mountain of the Philippines? How about go on an island-hopping tour of the crystal clear beaches of the south? Want to fly over picturesque land formations and turquoise waters? Then head over to Mindanao!

The second largest island in the Philippines, Mindanao is surrounded by the Celebes, Bohol and Sulu Seas. According to Lonely Planet, much of what has been lost elsewhere in the country is very much alive in Mindanao. It’s jaw-dropping beaches, rugged mountain ranges, killer surfing spots, and indigenous cultures are well-preserved and in their natural state.

There is much to do in this virgin island. With our Mindanao tour packages you can explore the natural beauty of this location with your friends and loved ones. Climb the highest peak of the Philippines in a Mt. Apo Mindanao Tour. Not for the feint-hearted it features a challenging climb that will take you to the best views of the country at the peak of the “grandfather of Philippine mountains”.

How about taking an exciting flight over Mati City and the surrounding beaches? An ultralight paragliding experience is a must-try when you travel Mindanao. Up in the sky, you will have an overview of the vast expanse of undeveloped fertile lands, blue waters and diverse trees that Mindanao is known for.

For adventurers who love the waters, you can try going kayaking and rafting at Cagayan de Oro or visit the 24 waterfalls of Iligan City. Surigao is the gateway to white sand and pebble rock beaches while the famous Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River can be found in Bislig.

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