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UNIQUE Rewards & Recognition

Giving unique Experiences as corporate gifts motivate employees and improve your company’s image and loyalty like never before. For your customers, there is no better way to say thank you.

Experiences as employee incentives and gifts are scientifically proven and have helped major companies in Europe to increase productivity since years.

Now this trend has arrived in the Philippines and is exclusively available at Regaladoo. Contact us now, to get more information.


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Sometimes it can be difficult to find ‘the right incentive’ – something that will appeal to everyone, and also remind them who the gift was from! At Regaladoo we have the perfect answer – put your logo and message on a personalized experience gift voucher.

We want people to talk about your company; to tell their family and friends what they were given, and by whom. You are the hero in this conversation, so we want to build the emotional connection between your brand and your people. When people get to do great experiences and share good times with others, it will reflect back on you as the giver.

Our branded and personalized vouchers can be used for so many different reasons and occasions. From length of service awards, to client gifts; prizes and incentives to team building; end of Financial Year incentives to employee awards. There’s something for every person, every business and every occasion.

Warrior Team Building

Statistics show, that you should invest in strong relationships with co-workers to foster happiness and productivity. Companies with high employee engagement levels were up to 10 times more likely to see an increase in sales and profit than those with lower engagement. What’s more: fun company outings, events and nights out had the greatest effect on employee engagement levels. In other words, employees want to feel nurtured and belong to a community.

Thus, it’s going to be a boost for your company image, since your employees will also share the awesome experiences within and outside their company. 

Discover our awesome Team Building Events and Fun Company Outings!

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“For true motivation, you need to give people something they want or desire, not something they need.”