Are you looking for the best things to do in Boracay?
Boracay Island has received various international awards from travel publications and magazines.
Undoubtedly the playground of Boracay are the magnificent white sand beaches,
where you could enjoy a Beginners Kitesurfing Course, a Magical Mermaid Swimming class,
or an exciting
Segway Tour. Enjoy our exclusive Experiences and top pick of things to do in Boracay.

₱3000 | Boracay
Discover Scuba Diving

from ₱1500 | Boracay
Party Sunset Cruise & Flatrate Drinks

₱2000 | Boracay
Magical Mermaid Swimming

from ₱2500 | Boracay
Cliff Diving & Unlimited Drinks

from ₱690 | Boracay
Pub Crawl at the Beach

from ₱6300 | Boracay
Kitesurfing Course by Legend Ken Nacor

₱2800 | Boracay
Jungle Safari Tour

₱4300 | Boracay
Romantic Sunset Cruise on Catamaran “MAHAL”

₱14,700 | Boracay
Kawa Fire Bath & Whitewater Kayaking Trip

from ₱8750 | Boracay
Fun Dive Sites of Boracay

from ₱2300 | Boracay
Segway & Zipline Adventure

from ₱1200 | Boracay
Historical Cultural Tour

from ₱19,000 | Boracay
From Zero to Hero , 3 Days Kitesurfing Course

from ₱2500 | Boracay
Carabao Island Trip with unlimited Beer 

from ₱990 | Boracay
Pub Crawl at the Beach

from ₱990 | Boracay
Pub Crawl at the Beach

₱4500 | Boracay
Mysterious Mermaid Diving

from ₱1250 | Boracay
Training Camp ( Boxing /Muay Thai / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

₱12,900 | Boracay
Deep Sea Adventure Dives

from ₱10,370 | Boracay
Luxury Tropical Spa Blessings

from ₱2700 | Boracay
Windsurfing Course at Asia’s best Windsurfing Spot

from ₱27,900 | Boracay
Helicopter Flight Boracay & Carabao Island

from ₱17,000 | Boracay
5 Advanced Open Water Dives

₱11,590 | Boracay
Tropical Princess Spa Experience

₱2240 | Boracay
Private Kitesurfing Course

₱22,000 | Boracay
3 Days Open Water Scuba Diving

₱6500 | Boracay
Luxury Sailing Experience

₱6710 | Boracay
Tropical Gentleman Spa Experience

from ₱8400 | Boracay
Advanced Kitesurfing Course

from ₱14500                              Boracay
Couple Secret Potion Spa

Paradise Island Boracay

The Paradise Island Boracay is known to be the most famous and beautiful island in the Philippines. At the same time it’s beaches are considered to be one of the most stunning in the word. Even Yahoo Travel and the BMW Tropical Beach Handbook have discovered and awarded  this tropical paradise and are quite overwhelmed. With the crystal clear water and the white soft powder sand this island feels like heaven on earth. Even when sun is burning this type of sand never gets hot.

This island is belongs to the Aklan Province and administered by the Philippine Tourism Authority. It consists of the barangays Balabag, Yapak and Manoc-Manoc. It is located about 350 kilometers south of Manila. Furthermore, it is a short distance off the north-western tip of Panay Island. Talking about the size, it is just 1000 meters wide and 7000 meters long.

Boracay activities

So although it’s only a small island, it offers a mighty punch of leisure opportunities. There are a various amount of different experiences across a large range of locations and landscapes. This area indeed offers something for everyone.

Island hopping in Boracay is very popular. There are many lonely beaches and coves, that wait to be discovered. You can combine this trip with snorkeling, scuba diving and of course chilling and relaxing during sunbathing. Many also offer lunch with traditional Philippine cuisine.

Helmet Diving in Boracay is an experience, where you can view the stunning under waterworld without the need of all the scuba gear. You just wear a special helmet, that is pumped with fresh air and allows you to breath normal like you’re on the surface. So you can have fun and watch all the different water creatures swimming around . Sometimes, you could have the chance to see turtles and even dolphins. 

In our large collection of gifts the Mermaid swimming lesson is one of our most popular experiences. Here you can learn how to move gracile like a mermaid and gain confidence in the water with a beautiful tail. Also included is a photoshoot where you can capture this magic moment.

As you can see, there are plenty great things to do in Boracay. In this category you will find a lot of exciting Boracay activities. Be inspired and maybe you can find something for yourself, or an awesome gift for your loved ones.