Explore the magnificent island Bohol during a Bohol Tour Package.
Grab an ATV and ride through the famous Chocolate Hills while having an adventure you’ll never forget.
Another great Experience is the trending Stand Up Paddle Waterfall Tour at the Loboc river.
Just get on the board and enjoy the breathtaking nature during this awesome Bohol Adventure.


from ₱3000 | Bohol
Spectacular Air Tour over Panglao


from ₱500 | Bohol
Chocolate Hills ATV Tour


from ₱2,200 | Bohol
Bee Farm Getaway Experience


from ₱2,000 | Bohol
Firefly Watching on a Night Kayaking Tour


from ₱5000 | Bohol
Amazing Hot Air Balloon Ride


from ₱5000 | Bohol
Dolphins & Whale Watching Experience


₱2000 | Bohol
Oyster Farming & Tasting Experience

Bohol Waterfall SUP Tour

₱1,650 | Bohol
SUP Tour to the Waterfalls

₱16,000 | Bohol
SUP & Mountainbike Adventure


from ₱950 | Bohol
Floating Restaurant Buffet & Live Music



from ₱18,000 | Bohol
Learn to Dive | Open Water Diver Package 

Bohol Chocolate Hills aerial tour

from ₱4000 | Bohol
Chocolate Hills Flight Tour

Bohol Island Couple Spa Getaway

₱20,500 | Bohol
Hidden Spa Getaway for Couples


from ₱5,000 | Bohol
Panglao Island & Chocolate Hills Air Tour

3D:2N SUP Package

from ₱5,900 | Bohol
Discover Bohol on a 3 Days SUP Tour


from ₱14,800 | Bohol
Adventure Diving Experience

A gem of Visayas, the city of Bohol is a grandiose display of nature’s beauty. This tropical haven is adorned by white sand beaches and gentle coves. Regaladoo offers a wide range of Bohol adventure experiences that let adventurers of all sizes enjoy this island paradise.

Bohol is the 10th largest island in the Philippine archipelago. Surrounded by 75 minor islands, this oval-shaped land wonder is a go-to place for snorkelers and divers. A close distance to Cebu, this city has plenty of activities for the island hopper. If you want a grand Cebu and Bohol adventure, book a Bucket List Package that lets you explore these two beautiful cities for 6 days. You will get a complete list of Cebu and Bohol activities such as rappelling, canyoneering, swimming, and snorkeling. Included in your Bohol travel package is a tour on the historic architecture of these two famous cities.

Another great way to enjoy Bohol is through the Chocolate Hills ATV tour. This ATV Bohol package tour lets you see the city’s famous attraction up close while enjoying a thrilling drive along rough terrains and unpaved roads. Your guide can even take photos and videos of you and your friends driving an ATV. A pit stop at the Tarsier sanctuary will let you see this adorable and mysterious primate in their natural habitat.

Because of its lush landscapes and rich waters, Bohol carries with it plenty of fun activities. Firefly kayaking lets you see the trees lit up at night by thousands of fireflies while cruising along the beautiful river. There is also Danao Adventure Park that boasts of river tubing, caving and trekking activities.

At Regaladoo, you can find the right Bohol package tour for your loved ones! Check out these experiences and discover why this city is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Philippines.