Where to Date in Manila

where to date in manila

Looking for awesome ideas on where to date in Manila this month of love? Are you looking for a unique experience other than a lunch or dinner on your typical restaurant? Here are five unique date ideas you can try:

Go for more than food at Van Gogh is Bipolar

where to date in manila

Van Gogh is Bipolar is a popular place for people who want to enjoy more than just good food. It’s a place where you can enjoy mood-altering healthy dishes that are meant to trigger happy hormones in the body. Owned by Jetro, a bipolar himself, Van Gogh is Bipolar is a home by day and a restaurant at night. With its “self-service” method of ordering (you write the order on paper and return soiled dishes to the kitchen) and a homey ambience, this restaurant is great for couples who want to get cozy.  We recommend you try Axl’s Egg Shot while you’re there.  We heard that raw egg is an aphrodisiac.

Organize a romantic dinner at home with a personal chef

where to date in manila

Surprise your honey with delicious meals prepared at home this Valentine’s. You don’t even have to cook! Just hire a personal chef from Beyond the Kitchen and enjoy delicious meals cooked by professional chefs who are passionate with their craft. Savor first-class meals in the comfort of your home. Just add some candles, a soft music, and flowers – presto! You are in for a very romantic evening. And just between us, you can avoid the hassle of traffic in Manila this way.

Take her to a secret garden in Ninyo Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge

where to date in manila

If you are planning to take her out for a romantic evening, then you better do it right. With its proposal-worthy ambience, Ninyo Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge is one of those places where you can never go wrong. Entering this restaurant is like entering a secret garden with its hanging vines, potted plants, and muted yellow lights. Plus with food such as Sweet Duck of Mine, Hooked on a Filling, and How Deep is Your Love – you are guaranteed an ultimate Valentine’s experience!

Learn a new hobby at The Archery Academy Manila

where to date in manila

Who would have thought that we would recommend The Archery Academy on our list of where to date in Manila? But if you are bored of the typical movie and dinner date, then this place is for you. It’s time to cross off “learn archery” on your bucket list. Enroll in an intro class together, and learn a new sport with your special someone. Channel your inner Katniss and Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) with beginner lessons from professional archery coaches. This experience is great for couples with an adventurous streak!

Appreciate art at Blanc Gallery

where to date in manila

For couples with an artsy side, we recommend Blanc Gallery as one of the places on where to date in Manila. This place houses the interesting works of local contemporary artists to stimulate your mind. Afterwards, you can head over to Earth Kitchen in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon for deep conversations over their famous Tablea ice cream. With its laidback vibe, the place is great for quiet thoughts and meaningful talks.

Still looking for more recommended places on where to date in Manila? Check out 5 Places to Try for a Romantic Getaway near Manila. You can also follow our blog for more awesome date and travel ideas!


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