Top 30 Things you will Regret when you are Old

things you will regret when you're old

Have you ever wondered how life will look when you are old? When you at the end of your life, what are the things you wish you did or did not do. Here are the top things people regret when they are old.

1. Working all the time

As you are lying there in your deathbed, who among you will say, “I wish I spent more time in the office”? None. Point made.

2. Staying with a job you hate

Are you staying in your current job because it puts food in the table? No problem with that, but if you hate the very thought of going to the office, you better make a transition plan… or be in hell the rest of your life.

3. Not chasing your Dream

How hard would it be to look at your life and realize that you were not able to do what you really want? Start working on your dreams now.

4. Not having the courage to express your feelings

Less talk, less mistakes, so they say. There is a time to be quiet and a time to speak up, especially when your values and feelings are involved. Bitterness and resentment are the reasons behind many illnesses. 

5. Not letting yourself be happy

things you will regret when you're old

Allow yourself to be happy. Don’t settle for a mediocre way of life. Happiness is a choice. Laugh your heart out and find silliness in your life again. 

6. Not trusting your gut

Learn to make decisions on your own. While it is wise to listen to the advice of others, you always have the final say. Don’t do one thing because everyone tells you to do it.

7. Not standing up for yourself

Letting others be happy at the expense of your own happiness may seem selfless, but too much of it is self-destructing. Don’t think that if you will please others, they will like you more. Honey, that’s not how the world works. Stand up for yourself even if it means being hated by others.

8. Fighting every battle

There are times when you need to walk away from an argument. Learn to choose your battles wisely. 

9. Not living in the moment

things you will regret when you're old

Don’t miss out on the present because you are worried about the future.

10. Staying in a toxic relationship

A bad relationship will weigh you down. No one who has ever come out of a toxic relationship regretted that decision.

11. Staying in your comfort zone

Don’t let fear or comfort keep you from doing what you want to do.

12. Not appreciating school

How would you like to spend the whole day learning? I’d want that any time. Go to school not for the grades, but for learning.

13. Not taking care of your skin

When you have great skin, you’ll likely skip on sunscreens and moisturizers. Sun spots, moles and wrinkles later in life are consequences of not taking care of your skin now. You can try using coconut oil for your skin.

14. Not working out

things you will regret when you're old

Want to be 60 and still look fit? Get off the couch now! Even a short walk in the morning or evening can make a difference.

15. Being too scared to say “I love you”

What if he/she will not return your love? That won’t even concern you anymore when you’re old – only whether you’ve told the person or not that you cared.

16. Being to self-absorbed

To be honest, you’ll be embarrassed about it when you’re old. Time to get out of your own little world.

17. Being too concerned about what others think

In 20 years, would their opinion even matter?

18. Not “moving on” fast enough

Why wallow in self-pity? Pick yourself off the ground, dust yourself up, and move forward. Time won’t wait for you.

19. Holding grudges

It’s doing more damage to you. What’s the point?

20. Not talking to your grandparents

You could have learned a lot from them.

21. Not doing any volunteer work

Someday you’ll wish you helped make the world a better place.

22. Worrying about everything

things you will regret when you're old

It’s a waste of time. If you can do something about a problem, do it. If not, let it go.

23. Putting up with too much drama

Lighten up. Life’s too short.

24. Not spending time with the people you love

Being busy is not an excuse. When you’re in your deathbed, the only ones who’ll surround you are the people who love you (not your boss). Spend time with them while you can.

25. Not reading enough

You could have learned a lot if you only read.

26. Not taking care of your teeth.

Flossing and brushing your teeth is easier than having dentures. And food tastes better when you have real teeth!

27. Not being a better parent/sibling/person

It’s not too late to change. You can start right now.

28. Not expanding your network

The people you meet and the contacts you developed will help make or break your life. Go ahead and socialize with the right people.

29. Not keeping in touch with friends

Don’t spend your life wondering about what happened to an old friend. In today’s hi-tech world, it’s easier to re-connect.

30. Not traveling when you had the chance

things you will regret when you're old

Traveling is easier when you have more energy and less responsibilities. Travel now while you are still young. With so many travel deals online, it’s impossible for you not to book yourself for an adventure for a lifetime. You won’t regret it!

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