The greatest adversity of a grand adventure is this little box we call the comfort zone. To some, their comfort zone is their work. To others, it’s familiarity. To most of us, it’s the sense of safety and security. It’s the rituals that we keep doing over and over again because we fear the unknown.

The Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is easy – but it is still a box. It limits your potential and prevents you from discovering the strength and courage within you that you don’t know you possess. It stops you from being a WARRIOR.

Life is a grand adventure. You can feel it in your core. This longing for greater things, seeing the world in its vastness, and feeling the adrenaline rush of uncovering new discoveries. Adventure is the rush of adrenaline you feel as you climb mountains, sample unfamiliar food, trek the outdoors, jump off from planes, and take the road less taken. It’s conquering fears, throwing off the familiar, and discovering the warrior in yourself you didn’t know existed.

All this happens when you break out from your comfort zone. Because if you don’t, you will get stuck on the same place. This place may be comfortable but there is no personal growth and no excitement. You won’t feel any heart-pumping, adrenaline-rushing moments in your life. You won’t know what it feels to be alive.

We don’t want you to get stuck on your comfort zone. We want you to become a WARRIOR.

“Everything we do, we believe in the power of breaking out of our comfort zone.”

Warrior zone Nature

Sometimes all we need is an opportunity for an adventure to come our way. A WARRIOR only needs one moment to start his discovery for greatness. And that is what we offer you.

This is YOUR chance for an adventure of a lifetime. At Regaladoo, we specialize in offering unique and memorable experiences that lead to personal growth and discovery. Whether it’s a one-day relaxing retreat or an exhilarating Skydive, our awesome experiences brings out your inner strength and take you out of your comfort zone.

Remember that getting out of the comfort zone does not have to mean that your life has to be full of action. It means getting out of the mundane, doing things that make you happy, and opening yourself up to the numerous possibilities that life has to offer.



“If it terrifies you, DO IT.”

Your comfort zone is the enemy. You are not in this planet to stay comfortable, work long hours in the office and spend the rest of your time lying on the couch watching Netflix marathons. Life offers so much more such as discovering new mountains to climb or discovering new challenges to overcome.

The only way to break out is to gear up and get into the WARRIOR ZONE.

These Challenging Experiences such as skydiving, kitesurfing and deep sea diving take you in the unknown and probably give you a little adversity. It makes you vulnerable – and that is good, because it’s part of the fun.

The WARRIOR ZONE will give you jumpy butterflies of anticipation and opens you up to numerous possibilities. Unlike your comfort zone, this Zone stretches your limits, gives you a fresher perspective and makes you a stronger person in the process.

Even Mindful Experiences such a yoga retreat will challenge you to self-discovery. Once you try a new experience such as taking hike in a mountain or learning to cook like never before, you open up a new door of possibility in your life. No experience is too small. All you need is to break out….

We are BRAVE. We are STRONG. We are ENERGIZED.

Let’s go WARRIOR! We believe you can ACHIEVE EVERYTHING!

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