Magical Mermaid Swimming in Cebu

mermaid swimming in cebu

Sun, sand, sea – these are the three elements that Cebu is famously known for. Cebu’s boasts of endless activities such as whaleshark swimming, parasailing, helmet diving and many others… But have you ever heard of mermaid swimming? We bet you haven’t!

Mermaid swimming is a unique experience that gives you the chance to try swimming in a fun, new way. Swimmers wear a mermaid tail with a built in flipper in a variety of colors. Mermaid swimming, or mermaiding as they call it, is said to be an artistic expression and a fun whimsical way to keep fit. It is the perfect twist to swimming to make it more exciting and magical.

Bask in Cebu’s heavenly waters in all your mermaid tail and glory while being taught how real mermaids swim. Be sure to bring your waterproof cameras as well to capture photos of your own but the package also includes a photoshoot where you and your fellow mermaids can pose by the beach while you look pretty and Ariel-like with your mermaid tails. If you prefer only to take beautiful pictures with the mermaid tail you can also book only the Mermaid Photoshooting Experience.

For those who grew up watching Little Mermaid and have always wanted to be like Ariel, now’s the chance to actually live your dream. Live on the fairytale of Ariel and feel what it’s like under the sea when you experience a Mermaid Swimming Lesson in one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

This activity isn’t limited to girls; boys can join in, too! The guys can let out their inner King Triton and join in the mermaid fun. It is, after all, a good stylish way of a full body workout.

mermaid swimming cebu

During the 1 hour session, all swimmers will learn how to transform themselves into beautiful mermaids. The Mermaid Swimming Experience starts with a safety briefing, where everyone will learn how to care for the precious mermaid tail. After the stretching session, the swimmers then will learn the basic mermaid swimming strokes and tricks, as well as practice drills in shallow water. Furthermore, all mermaid swimmers get to learn about the mermaid culture and myths and socialize and get to know their fellow mermaid lovers.

Now that the summer season is nearing, head on to Cebu and instead of doing all the usual activities which you probably have all done, let your Dream come true and swim elegant like Ariel the Mermaid under the sea!


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