Bucket List 2017: Experiences you shouldn’t miss!

Bucketlist Philippines

I don’t know about you but I’m determined to make 2017 a year of excitement and adventure. With these Must Things To Do in Philippines Bucket List, I’m sure this year will never be boring!

Are you ready to tick these off on your bucket list this year?


Learn how to Drift like a Pro

Did you watch The Fast and The Furious and wish you could learn how to power slide a car in continuous drifts? Well soon you can take Drift Lessons from no less than multi-awarded Filipino drift car driver David M. Feliciano himself. David is the only licensed Formula Drift Asia driver in the country and has numerous awards in Rally Cross, Slalom, Auto Cross, and drifting. Let’s get him to teach us how take our driving skills to the next level!

PS: The Drift Lessons will be exclusively available at Regaladoo the next weeks. Stay tuned for upcoming infos!

Take a Ride on a Helicopter

things to do in philippines

How does the city look a thousand feet up in the air? You will never know unless you take a Helicopter Tour. It’s nice to treat yourself to a helicopter flight over Manila’s skyscrapers at night or see the beauty of Taal Volcano in all its glory. You can even plan a dream date al’a 50 Shades of Grey by booking a romantic helicopter date. Now that’s going to be impressive!


Calm down and attend a Yoga Detox Retreat

things to do in philippines

A yoga detox retreat has so many benefits. First, you can detox digitally. Let’s face it: looking at our smartphones and computer screens can get nauseating. Second, it helps you relax and eat well. Third, it assists you in replacing old habits. Lastly, you’ll meet new friends.

Bahay Kalipay in Palawan is one of the best places where you can attend a yoga retreat. This ashram-style space has zen rooms, private cabins and healing huts where you can collect new energy and rejuvenate your soul.


Experience a Liveaboard Dive Trip to the the famous Tubbataha Reef

Discover the secrets of the deep with a Liveaboard Dive Trip. You get to live in a boat for a few days and check out some of the best and most exclusive diving spots in the country. Some of the most recommended liveaboard diving sites are Tubbataha Reef and Malapascua Island. These sites are famous for their thresher sharks sightings and beautiful coral reefs. I tell you – these places are heaven for the underwater photographer!


Fly like a Pilot with the Only 6DOF Flight Simulator in Asia

things to do in philippines

You don’t need to borrow a plane to fly one. With a 6DOF flight simulator (6 degrees of freedom), you can experience the thrills and challenges of piloting an aircraft sans the risk of a crash. You can choose between realistic glass and analog cockpit, and maneuver your aircraft to your desired destination. Whether it’s Honolulu or Alaska – you can choose your favorite Location where you want to start or land. A pilot instructor will seat beside you and teach you what to do to make sure your passengers will arrive in their destination safety. Brace yourself for a memorable ride!


Climb a Mountain

things to do in philippines

Nothing beats mountain climbing. It’s definitely on top of my bucket list anytime. You can never climb enough mountains, especially in the Philippines! For beginners, you can climb Mt. Gulugud Baboy, a grassy and scenic mountain located in Batangas. Or you can trek and do a mountain hike in Osmeña Peak in Cebu where you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of sunset, sunrise, white coral blue sea, and jagged hills. Here are three mountains you can also check out: Mt. Pinatubo, Mt.  Maculot, and the grandfather of Philippine mountains, Mt. Apo!


Challenge your fear: Go Skydiving!

things to do in philippines

Skydiving is in everyone’s bucket list – and this year is a time to do it! You can check out different Skydive Cebu Adventure sites such as Bantayan Island. Or you can also challenge yourself to do a Tandem Skydiving in Vigan. The historic City which established in the 16th century, is the best-preserved example of a planned Spanish colonial town in Asia. There you can take stunning pictures and videos of this island’s panoramic landscapes while enjoying a heart-stopping dive. Don’t worry, you’ll be briefed on the safety measures and strapped to a pro tandem instructor all throughout the dive. Come on brave soul, just let it go, take the plunge and make 2017 a memorable year.

Ready to make 2017 your most exciting year? Read about unique Experiences in the Philippines at our Regaladoo Blog for more awesome ideas for your next trip!

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