8 Best Insider Things to Do in the Philippines

top things to do in the philippines

The Philippines is a rich treasure trove when it comes to wonderful destinations. This country accommodates all kinds of adventurers from the ultimate outdoor enthusiast to the zen-loving yogi. If you are looking for extraordinary experiences like no other then take a look at the 8 Best Things To Do in the Philippines. Here are the ultimative Philippines tourist attractions for those who seek to explore the country’s less traversed paths.


1. Get mesmerized by the wonderful Islands of Batanes

things to do in the philippines

Known as the New Zealand of the Philippines, Batanes boasts of craggy cliffs and rolling hills accentuated by grazing cows. While top tourist destinations include Palawan for beaches and Bohol for its landscape, seldom do one think of Batanes. However this archipelago contains all that one desires when looking to connect with nature – beaches, springs, gorgeous views, and mountains. You don’t need to be a photographer to take beautiful shots of this dreamy place!

things to do in the philippines batanes package

An organized Batanes tour is the best way to explore the hidden gems in this series of islands, and a great opportunity to connect with the close-knit Ivatan people. Here, you will be taken to the seldom-trodden Fountain of Youth, a cool spring that affords you of a stunning view of Mount Iraya. Other amazing things you can enjoy in the tour: feast on seafood (especially lobster), enjoy serenity at Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint on Sabtang, and run around the rolling hills of Vayang Ranch (possibly singing “A Sound of Music” while at it), to name a few.


2. Enjoy a Native Beer Craft Getaway in the woods of Sagada

Sagada Getaway

Cottony clouds, pine trees, and a chill weather – Sagada is known for all these things. In a private cabin hidden in the woods, however, lies a dining, wine cellar, and craft brewery place where different kinds of spirits are brewed: wild sunflower, black rice, wheat and pine pale ale, you name it! Imagine a life where you get to enjoy the sound of the rustling fireplace and crickets at night, and the foggy mountainside view in the morning. This Beer Craft Getaway includes a traditional Sagada accommodation in a century-old Banaue hut for 3 days and 2 nights.


3. Experience a Private Beach Glamping Adventure in El Nido

Beach Glamping Philippines


Named as the gateway to the sublime by Lonely Planet, El Nido in Palawan is the place to be. Here you can camp beneath the stars and wake up to the sound of crashing waves on a little isolated island. This adventure takes you to a unique Palawan camping experience. From there, you will be toured around the secret place of El Nido including its mystical lagoons and virgin islands. Activities include cliff jumping, cave exploration, snorkeling, and enjoying the sunset while sipping your cocktail.

4. Snorkel with the giant Whale Sharks in Oslob


If you want to experience swimming with the largest fish in the world, then Oslob is the place to be. This experience should be on every things to do in the Philippines List. The tour starts early in the morning to ensure that there are less people during the experience. Once you find the “flurry bubbles”, it’s time to put on your mask and snorkeling gear for a dive. Your boat is placed in an optimal position to meet the giant Whale Shark. This whale shark diving adventure will also take you to the beautiful Dao or Tumalog waterfall.


5. Go Kayaking & bath in Hot Tubs in Tibiao Antique

things to do in the philippines

More than the shores of Boracay, Antique holds the key to a grand outdoor adventure that includes walking on bamboo suspension bridges, hiking rainforests and swinging over waterfalls. Packed with a full day of activities this Tibiao Antique experience also consists of Whitewater Kayaking in Tibiao River, jumping on a 7 level waterfall, and soothing aching muscles at the Kawa Hot Tubs. What’s more, your guide will put your “boy scout” skills to the test as you cook a meal with all natural materials.


6. Open your Mind & Body with a Detox Yoga Retreat in Palawan

yoga retreat philippines

Every fierce warrior needs a tranquil break to find healing and rest. Away from the bustling metropolitan life, Palawan is a paradise for the wearied traveler. This Palawan retreat is done at Bahay Kalipay where guests are pampered with morning and afternoon yoga classes, daily green smoothies, raw food, and healthy snacks.  It’s the right mix of wellness, yoga and personal growth programs for the wearied sojourner.


7. Challenge yourself with a Tresher Shark Diving Experience

Think you’ve done it all? Then challenge yourself to a premium diving experience in Malapascua where you push your skills and dive deeper into a great unknown. The 10 Fun Dive Adventure offers a mix of single boat dives, and two or three tank day trips to more distant sites, including Monad Shoal, White Tip Alley, and more secluded dive sites. Brace yourself for guaranteed sightings of thresher sharks, white tip reef sharks, manta rays, and the infamous Malapascua wrecks.


8. Trek through the Rice Terraces in breathtaking Batad 

things to do in the philippines rice terraces


things to do in philippines banaue tour


philippines-2163333_960_720 (1)

Behind the scenery of the 8th natural wonder of the world lies a close-knit community of farmers. The peaceful village of Batad is located in Banaue (9-10 hours bus drive from Manila). Get an inside scoop of their lives by living with them for a day, perhaps picking some rice while wearing the traditional Ifugao costume. You also get to stay in a traditional Nipa Hut that is handmade by the Batad village people using traditional materials. This breathtaking rice terrace experience includes a trek to the Batad Highest Point, Tappiah Falls, and the village.

What is YOUR next Experience Warrior? It’s time to face a new Challenge or to get Energized!


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