employee rewards millennials
By Deborah / 11/02/2017

What are the best Employee Rewards?

The success of a company largely depends on employee engagement. If a business wants to thrive and stay ahead in...

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top things to do in the philippines
By Deborah / 07/31/2017

8 Best Insider Things to Do in the Philippines

The Philippines is a rich treasure trove when it comes to wonderful destinations. This country accommodates all kinds of adventurers...

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By Regaladoo / 07/09/2017


The greatest adversity of a grand adventure is this little box we call the comfort zone. To some, their comfort...

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mermaid swimming in cebu
By Mela P. / 03/07/2017

Magical Mermaid Swimming in Cebu

Sun, sand, sea – these are the three elements that Cebu is famously known for. Cebu's boasts of endless activities such as whaleshark...

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Bucketlist Philippines
By Deborah / 03/03/2017

Bucket List 2017: Experiences you shouldn’t miss!

I don’t know about you but I’m determined to make 2017 a year of excitement and adventure. With these Must...

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Dive Safari Philippines
By Yvonnette S. / 02/21/2017

WorldClass Dive Safari in Cebu

One of the best reasons to visit the Philippines is to relax in her sandy beaches and to explore some...

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where to date in manila
By Deborah / 02/14/2017

Where to Date in Manila

Looking for awesome ideas on where to date in Manila this month of love? Are you looking for a unique...

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things you will regret when you're old
By Deborah / 02/06/2017

Top 30 Things you will Regret when you are Old

Have you ever wondered how life will look when you are old? When you at the end of your life,...

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